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Here at Master Translation Services, we offer a unique professional formatting and Replicating Service along with our translations.

The number one priority is of course, faithfully and accurately translating your original source document into the desired target language.

But sometimes, this is not quite enough…

  • Magazines
  • User’s Manuals
  • Marketing Materials
  • Fliers
  • Business Plans
  • Business Presentations
  • Academic Projects
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • PDF Files
  • Artistic Materials
The formatting in these documents, including colors, spacing, graphics, pictures, style, fonts and general style and appearance are an integral part of the message conveyed by them.

Our expert in-house team of InDesign experts will replicate as accurately as possible, your original source document’s formatting, look and style. This will ensure, that not only is your verbal content conveying the message you mean it to, but that it is as attractive and effective as the original.

Our Goal:

Our Goal is to not only translate, but Transform your original language source, into a virtually identical target language result.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have different levels of service when it comes to a written translation. We believe all our work should be of the highest quality, and we make sure our experts make sure your translation is correct, edited and proofread.
However, Master Translation Services is happy to offer this premium in-house formatting service to our customers. By taking advantage of this service, you are not stuck showing the original document to convey formatting and look, while “attaching” the translated text in inferior formatting to convey the verbal message. Our InDesign Team’s goal is to truly transform the original source document into a replica in the target language.
Our Expert Team can handle virtually all the file formats commonly used, and handle large document complexities, high resolution pictures or photographs, large file sizes, and custom fonts.
We can handle your original source document in any file format, and output the result in the file format you prefer! Be it complex graphics, a simple sleek brochure, a PowerPoint presentation or even high quality video, our expert graphical design team can provide you with the professional result you require.
Besides authentically replicating the original source language format, our team is happy to do custom formatting and graphical design work as well. If you wish to improve upon the original format or simply have custom requirements, at Master Translation Services we are happy to oblige.
Simply contact us requesting a Formatting Replica service (or your custom job’s requirements) for a fast and free price quote.
Feel free to use our fast quote File Upload Form, and send us your comments and original source file for a fast quote. Likewise, you may contact us directly by email, the contact form, or phone for further questions or comments.