Master Translation Services Document Translation Services Mon, 09 Dec 2013 16:05:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Translation Specifics /uncategorized/translation-specifics/ /uncategorized/translation-specifics/#comments Sat, 07 Apr 2012 21:56:17 +0000 master.translation /?p=158 Master Translation Services recognizes that there is a difference between “natural translation” and “native translation”. Native translators have taught themselves the same skills and norms that are taught through formal translation training, whereas natural translators have a less sophisticated approach.

Natural translators are people who have had no training at all and little exposure to other people’s translations. The clearest examples are the young children of bilingual families who translate spontaneously from the age of about three. (Incidentally, they include the hearing children of deaf parents who are bilingual in spoken language and sign language.) However, they may be older; for example, poorly educated immigrants who are learning the language of their new country.

Native translators do ‘teach themselves’, however it’s just slightly misleading to put it that way because it suggests purposeful activity. Rather these native translators pick up or absorb behavior and skills unconsciously from their cultural environment and just take them for granted. These native translators often times do have formal training. The translation specialist who coined the term native translation, chose it because native translation is learned the way people learn their native language.

A couple of examples of the conventions and skills that native translators acquire are completeness and style conformity.

Completeness. Natural translators who come up against something that they can’t translate or don’t know how to translate properly. These translators might translate this information improperly or incorrectly.

Style conformity. The natural translator is concerned above all with content, with conveying information and opinion correctly and accurately. The notion that a translation should also convey the style of the original – whether it be the authorial style of piece of literature or the legalese of a piece of legislation – is a sophisticated one.

Master Translation Services combines natural and native translation in an innovative way to deliver the message correctly and exactly as it was originally intended. Master Translation employs a team of expert translators that can accurately and quickly translate all of your legal documents, business documents, medical documents, audiovisual presentations, advertising, meeting minutes and any other text or audio that might need translating.

Master Translation Services has the qualifications and experience for all of your translation needs.

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