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In today’s multimedia work environment, your Language Service provider must be able to provide solutions for rich Audio, Voice and Video Content.

At Master Translation Services, we have an experienced multimedia technical team ready to work with our professional certified translators to tackle any multimedia project of any size and any format.
Weather you have audio voice recordings to translate, rich multimedia presentations or video transcripts in any file format; we are ready to provide you with your desired translation or transcription in the format and language you require.
We typically produce translations and transcriptions for:


  • Deposition Voice Recordings
  • Investigation Recordings
  • Voice Transcripts
  • Audio Evidence
  • Foreign language Commercials
  • Voice Testimony
  • Transcription of Audio and Voice Evidence
  • Recorded Presentations and Speeches
  • Audio Interviews and Auditions
  • Radio Program Transcription and Translation


  • Commercial Advertisement Translation/Transcription
  • Video Testimony
  • Video Interview / Audition
  • Video Testimony Translation / Transcription
  • Business Multimedia Presentations
  • Documentaries
  • Video Transcripts

Weather you need your Audio / Video content to be transcribed to a written document (or vice versa), or for it to be translated as well as transcribed from any language to any language, Master Translation Services is your one stop shop for rich multimedia and voice content language services.
Unlike many competitors, we do not simply “farm out” your personal files or use automated software to achieve poor quality results. Your digital audio, video files and tapes will be translated and/or transcribed in-house, proofread several times and edited by a professional staff to achieve a high quality, accurate translation/transcription that carried our Certificate of Accuracy.
You can easily use our Price Request form to upload your Audio / Video files (in any format) and we will get back to you with in almost all cases within an hour. Because we have our own professional team, we are happy to take on custom or complex jobs where others fail. Feel free to contact us with any request; we look forward to being your professional language service provider.